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About Us

Our team is doing the work because they love it. They love the environment created by trees and enjoy watching the progress of each project. We harness over 20 years of experience that owner Jason LaDue has, to give our clients the best quality tree service possible.

Here’s what Jason had to say about why he choose tree care as his profession of choice:

My career in caring for trees began when I was 11 years old in my grandfather’s fruit and nut orchard. He taught me the basics of tree care ranging from spray application to grafting and transplanting to cut selection.

Before that, my mother, who bred and showed roses, pointed out the where, when, how and why to prune roses. Many of the same principles in rose propagation hold true in maintaining trees.

The rest of our family tree was made up of loggers and people making their living in many different facets of the timber industry. I grew up around that element. I was constantly exposed to the compelling stories that came back from the field and the woods. I always enjoyed hiding as a kid and climbing a tree was the perfect, most organic activity I could think of to discover a new reality. Being in a tree allowed me to gain the advantage of being otherwise perspective invisible if I wanted to be. I don’t know what else I could have done as a profession.

What pleases me the most about my work in general is being able to produce a worthy, long-lasting, distinctive effect. Being able to look at your work and say “I did that” is most satisfying. For me, tree care represents the intersection of art and science. It is truly a practice. Each setting is unique and presents its own dynamic set of circumstances and technical challenges.

Jason LaDue
Owner / ISA Certified Arborist
Aerials Tree Service